BTS: ELEMENTS for Spark Magazine

This was my first magazine shoot and I LOVED it! It truly takes a talented team to make waking up at 5am, perfecting hair and makeup in record time, and then shooting in between drizzles fun, but oh my gosh it was!
You can tell it was cloudy, but any photographer will tell you that is the best lighting for outdoor shoots because it’s so soft – and it makes post-editing easier.  We were a little concerned about the piece I was modeling and how it would hold up in the rain, but the sprinkles were very light; you can’t even see the teeny-tiny speckles.image
Comfy shoes between takes!  The fountain we shot in was conveniently empty for cleaning, but it was still a bunch of rough granite and concrete on bare feet.  I was barefoot for the shoot, but it’s fun to show the shoes I wore between takes.  And I don’t have a picture that shows the hot pink towel that I sat on the walls so that we wouldn’t damage the dress.

This last picture is my favorite!  The garment designer actually lay down in the dirt to cinch the dress as I lounged fountain-side for a few shots.
Art can be hard work!

Photographer:  Audrey Nguyen (Nha Lan Photography)
Designer: Victoria Espinoza (ig: @madebytoria)

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