California Road Trip

My husband likes to adventure.  He spent a week on the Guadalupe River with his best friend, two backpacks, and a canoe -- all of which you can read about here.  Our most recent escapade involved 30 hours in a car to reach Mt. Shasta outside Redding, California.  The car made the trip, barely!
Pit Stop in Arizona
Luckily, B really likes to drive so I didn't have to drive the whole way there (I did have to make up for it on the drive home).

Day 1

Our first full day in California we spent at Lassen State Park hiking to 10,000 feet.  We had to take quite a few breather stops as our Texan lungs adjusted to the altitude, but the view at the top as so worth it!  We forgot to take a picture at the peak, so we snapped this one on the way back down the mountain.

We don't know who the genius is that put this here, but our car had a great laugh about it.

Day 2

Sunday afternoon we headed to Chico, CA to visit the Sierra Nevada Brewery.  


We were able to jump onto a last-minute tour, and the boys enjoyed free tasters.  Lucky me, I had forgotten my ID so no beer for me!


Day 3

And now we've come to the point of our trip to Cali: to climb Mt. Shastsa.  Mt. Shasta is a 14,000 snowy-icy climb during the spring and a rocky-sandy climb during off-season.  After a stop in Shasta City to rent helmets and grab breakfast, we drove the Pontiac down a long gravelly dirt road.  Before we reached the trailhead, we managed to navigate through two sandy stretches, but not the third.  Which meant that R & B had to walk the final mile to the trailhead.  No worries! They made it.  Here's the photo from their base camp:

So while the two of them froze during their night on the mountain, I stayed in Redding with my brother for a night of dinner and movies.

Day 4

We were set to pick up B and R at 4pm at the stretch of sandy road I had left them on.  That meant I had most of a day to spend with my brother.  He's interning at the Stirring, so an afternoon of coffee for me! 
Image result for the stirring redding

This post is getting too long, so look out for California Road Trip part 2!

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