Apartment Living Room Inspiration

by - February 08, 2017

If you follow me on Pinterest, you've probably noticed the overwhelming amount of velvet couches, industrial lighting, and brick walls that have been populating my feed.  If you aren't following me, you should be!  If you just want to follow my Kansas City Loft Apartment board, that's this one here.

Currently, my living room has a beautiful exposed brick feature wall that houses two very large windows.  To be honest, the brick wall and the location are the two reasons B & I chose this apartment over the 13 or 14 we toured.  But my gorgeous brick wall has its drawbacks:

  • It crumbles.  Seriously, you can hear the little pieces of brick falling off the wall and onto the books that are currently stacked in the corner because we don't have shelves.
  • Without the proper masonry tools it is very difficult to hang anything -- pictures, hooks, curtains; if you can think of something that would be absolutely perfect to decorate the space, it it isn't going on this wall.

That aside, here's what I'm working with:

Ignoring the weird angle, and the fact that an air mattress is serving as our couch at the moment, you can at least see my amazing wall and huge windows and crazy tall ceiling.  It's more than enough space to work with and I have so many ideas (and a tight money to ideas ratio) to work with.

Below are my favorite inspiration photos as I work on assembling my empty living room into a classy cozy comfy space!

So far, the challenge while shopping is staying away from what's "trendy" and making sure to select pieces that we know will go with us from apartment to apartment to starter home and maybe even to forever home.   If you have any favorite stores you'd like to recommend in the comments, I'd love to know about them!

We've only made two purchases that qualify as decor since we've moved. 
1. This beautiful poster from Hobby Lobby that we're pairing with this barnwood frame
24" x 36" Striking Pose Poster | Lipstick Stain Culture - Hobby Lobby

2. This full-length mirror from At Home that I showed off on my Instagram a few days ago
Ornate Silver Chevel Mirror - At Home

Shop My Dream Living Room

I've linked to actual products that I have purchased above in the post.  These below are similar or "goal" purchases.

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