KCMO: Month 1

by - February 04, 2017

Let's pretend I posted this last week like I meant to so that we could officially mark our one month in Kansas City!  B & I moved the little bit of furniture that we brought with us in on December 27th, started our new jobs the second week of January, and celebrated one month of cold weather and brick buildings and getting lost last Friday at DMH's Winter Party at the swanky and exclusive River Club.  
These are my thoughts so far on being a Kansas City resident.

1.  It SNOWS here!
One weekend we visited a park and actually slipped around on a frozen pond.  If you missed that Snapchat story you really missed out.  For those of you thinking, "yeah, it snows" don't forget we're from Texas so snow is not normal and to us it's pretty cool.

Whether it's out shopping for furniture and decor or stepping across the street for lunch you cannot get away from the antiques.  Not complaining (and definitely recommending the Genessee Royale)

Genessee Royale Bistro

Varnish + Vine

3.  Food
All of it is good.  All of it is expensive.  Please, visit Il Lazarone in the River Market and tell me it is not your new favorite pizza and beer joint.  And if you're craving barbecue, Jack Stack in the crossroads district is delicious -- order the cheesy corn for sure.

Il Lazarone


4. I LOVE my new job

Check out Genessee and DMH and see a little of what I do every day.  And just look at this River Club and quirky restored 1930s club called the Ship and tell me it does not remind you of Austin!  Full reviews on the nightlife to come in a later post.

So far, we love it here!  The cold isn't so bitter and we don't miss the humidity at all. There's some bouts of homesickness now and then but phones are magical things!  February has been a busy month for us historically, so I doubt it will be any different this year.

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