Florals for Spring?

by - March 30, 2017

I visited this Kansas City must-see a few weeks ago on a drizzly Wednesday morning after a 1 Million Cups presentation by one of our amazing Genessee clients.  Side note -- if there are 1 Million Cups presentations in your city I highly recommend attending a few.  They're a great way to network with professionals and entrepreneurs in your community and they're fun.
Back on track.  The gardens were open that cold Wednesday morning, but spring had not sprung yet.  I took a quick trip around the perimeter and saw that everything was well-tended but nothing was blooming yet, so I promised myself I'd come back once the weather warmed up.  The plethora of dogwood trees that bloomed after our Texas road trip to my sister's wedding was a pretty good indicator that there might be some color in the gardens.

After a long wait for a yummy brunch at Succatash on Sunday morning, we drove to The Ewing & Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden where B immediately began designing and planning for our future home and the gardens and courtyard and fountains we would have... I have been blessed with a BIG dreamer.

There were still workmen carefully avoiding newly planted tulips as they cleaned up the gorgeous canal pool & fountain with dancing bronze figures by local artist Tom Corbin, so I wasn't able to get a photo of the fountain in operation.  We were able to instead spend some time in the "orangery" with the Kauffman cat, Princess Crazy Cat (I discovered her name on the In the Kauffman Garden blog) and on the peripheries of the garden, like where this early blooming Toyo-Nishiki Quince was climbing a wall.  If it weren't for the plant markers I would have had no idea what this pretty flowering rose family member was.   

It is never boring letting B take my photo!  I think he was trying to get me to jump, and instead caught me landing or laughing.
Here is the inside of the orangery with Princess Crazy Cat.  You cannot imagine how good it smelled, floral and fruity.  And the display was just beautiful: palm trunks held baskets for blooming orchids, decorative wheelbarrows held spring blooms, and a variety of small trees were just starting to show off their orange fruit.
The orangery was my favorite part of the garden this visit. It was warm, smelled amazing, and I got to pet a cat for a few minutes.  It was amazing the variety of flowers, trees, and fruit you can see all in one place.  I was so inspired that I paid a quick trip to At Home yesterday after work to pick out some new fake florals to fill a rather empty vase that made the trip from Texas with us.  The far right photo with the bright purple and magenta was my inspiration.


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Both my sweater and vest are from JCPenny, but I have the purple sweater and black vest.  The leather jacket is similar, but mine is vintage.  Boots are same brand, similar style. Earrings from Kohls, similar style.

Faux Plant Materials from At Home
The fourth stem I found in-store I can't find online, but it's a beautiful magenta color that looks somewhat like a pussy willow branch.

Delphinium Spray

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