Currently Loving: May

by - May 30, 2017

I'm starting a new monthly tradition around here: Currently Loving! At the end of each month, I'll summarize my current favorites.

TV Show: Anne with an 'E' on Netflix

I was an avid reader growing up. My Anne of Green Gables boxed collection has survived the many purges & moves since elementary school and had me seriously considering moving to Canada to visit this magical place called Avonlea.

So when I saw the Netflix original in the queue I had to watch it.  Only three episodes in, it does seem to have removed some of the whimsy of the original tale and attempted to replace it with a little more realism, but Anne is still the scrappy, imaginative, "accidental feminist" I remember from childhood.

Blog: Addison's Wonderland

I'm being completely honest when I say that the Addison's Wonderland blog is what first got me interested in blogging. I'm not an interior designer by far, but her use of colors in her designs was absolutely eye-catching, and then I started to read what she was writing about her life and her inspirations and I felt like I was actually getting to know Brittany (if she ever reads this I'll be plenty embarrassed).

You can see her interior designs all over my dream home Pinterest board Nail by Nail, Board by Board.

Beauty: Better Than Sex mascara

best mascara: TOO Faced Better than Sex
I was gifted an Ipsy subscription that has kept me spoiled for the past year. It was a fun experience, getting a hot pink package in the middle of every month filled with sample-size hit or miss products. Better than Sex mascara by TOO Faced was a definite hit. It gave me long, dark, full lashes without any of the stiffness or little mascara flakes on my cheeks throughout the day. My makeup routine is super simple when I'm not getting photoshoot ready, just concealer, blush, mascara. If I'm feeling extra ambitious there may be some tiny eyeliner wings and some lipstick (plug for runner-up product Elizabeth Mott's Color is Bae Lip Lacquer in Moxie Mauve; it's a pretty natural pink with some serious lunch-and-two-coffees-later staying power). This mascara makes me feel like I'm done up just enough to be professional in the office without being overdone or spending a lot of time in front of the mirror.

Not what I would have chosen if I was naming the product, but still one of the few products I may upgrade to a full-size version of! If a travel size is more your style - and it means the product won't expire before it runs out - it's also available on Amazon and Macy's.

Devotion: A Heart that Dances

a heart that dances devotional
I'll be honest -- this is an 8-week devotional that has taken me 4 years to work through. That says more about me and my walk than it does about difficulty level or time commitment. Every time I feel that I'm getting in the groove something comes along and distracts me for a few months.

What I love most is the conversational tone of the devotions. Each week examines part of a Bible verse and takes the time to delve deeply into God's nature and heart toward us, his daughters.

Available on Amazon.

App: Duolingo

Spoiler alert! B & I are heading to Italy in July (more on that later) so I'm really feeling the pressure to learn some Italian. Insert Duolingo. Duolingo is the world's largest online language learning platform and it's FREE. Also available for iPhone & Android, and with daily reminders, there hasn't been an excuse to not get in my daily lesson. I even got B to download the app so we can compete against each other.

The lessons are organized by topic: basics, pronouns, animals, food and have a variety of different activities to help you learn the words English to Italian and Italian to English. There are matching games, translate the phrase both ways, repeat after mes that test your accent and pronunciation, and write what you hear to test your spelling. With manageable daily goals and incentives to keep a "streak," it's truly a fun way to learn a new language!

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