Countdown to Italy

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Have you ever wished for something so hard that, once it happens, you can’t believe it’s real? That’s how I feel about my upcoming trip to Italy. I haven't been overseas EVER and I can't wait! In just under a month I’ll check off the second-most anticipated destination on my travel to-do list (I'm keeping my top-of-the-bucket-list travel destination a secret). The only problem? The only thing B & I have booked for our first two-week international vacation is our flight.

That’s right. I have zero hotel reservations. We haven't booked train tickets, made reservations at the top tourist attractions, or settled on our must-dine restaurants & vineyards. And last minute panic mode is starting to set in. For all the Mediterranean dreaming I’ve been doing over the years, very little thought has gone into what I’ll actually see, do and eat while I’m there. Upside, I'm pretty much done packing already!

Here's where you can help! I'd love to hear your recommendations and travel experiences. We'll be in Florence for the first week & exploring northern Italy, and then heading south to fly out of Rome at the conclusion.

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