My Beauty Routine; It's a Mixed Bag

by - July 15, 2017

Skin is a fickle thing. It can be affected by stress, moving, traveling, that pesky time of the month, lack of sleep, a new fitness routine, a poor diet, not enough water, a new moisturizer or cleanser, and even the pillow you sleep on! I haven't done a beauty post before, but I've been impressed enough to share my newest lineup of skincare and beauty products -- and I'll even let you know which made the cut into the airplane carry on for my trip to Italy.

DISCLAIMER: This post does contain affiliate links. If you're curious about what those are why that is, there is an explanation here (scroll to the bottom of the page you're about to click on).

I'm blessed to have never suffered from severe acne; I just have one or two breakouts every now and then and almost always in the same place: right around my chin and on my cheekbones. The most likely causes of this, I've discovered, is resting my head in my hands and probably not washing my pillowcase often enough (ewwww...). My other annoying skin "condition" - if it can even be called that - is that my nose is almost always dry and peeling.

1. Cleanser

Cetaphil was my go-to cleanser throughout college, but after graduation and marriage, it just wasn't cutting it anymore. I switched over to the H2O Sea Results 3-in-1 Foaming Face Cleanser just last year after my mother-in-law gifted me a pack that included a moisturizer. I liked it so much that when I found it at Marshalls for a great deal I bought two more bottles. It's a gentle cleanser that I keep in the shower and it doesn't dry my skin out -- which is great for my constantly peeling nose.

2. Moisturizer

For daytime, my moisturizer must have SPF. My face refuses to tan even if the rest of me does, instead freckling with any exposure to the sun. Most of my makeup has SPF too so I'm sure my face will remain pale and freckle-free! I have two moisturizers, one Olay and the other Estée Lauder.

When I'm home, I use my Olay Age-Defying + SPF 15 moisturizer daily. It goes on in the morning after I wash my face and before I put on my makeup. Because it is a larger bottle, it didn't make it into my carry-on. Because it was smaller, I instead took my Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + that I normally use at night after removing my makeup and washing my face.

3. Night Cream or Serum

I already described the Estée Lauder moisturizer that I use at night as a night cream. I also use Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair before I go to bed. It comes with a handy dropper, so it's very easy to apply exactly where I want it. I tend to use it around my eyes specifically, but it's a product where a little goes a long way. Instructions and recommendations state to use on your throat as well.

My Estée Lauder products are probably the most expensive beauty products I own. They were gifts that I would not have bought for myself, but they are also an investment in maintaining healthy young skin as I get older, so I may repurchase when these run out. An ounce of prevention is worth it, right?

4. Primer

It was watching this video on Christen Dominique's YouTube channel that turned me onto the concept of a pink primer.

On my drugstore budget, I did some googling & review hunting and selected Maybelline's Master Prime by Facestudio in Blur+Illuminate 200 over Almay's similar primer solely on price. I know it's supposed to be better to be consistent with makeup brands and I did buy the Almay CC Cream, but I've got to save where I can!

I've found that when my skin looks clear I don't need or want to use a heavy foundation. This pink primer has just enough of a tint and goes on so smoothly that I can use this with a little concealer under my eyes and some light blush and I feel good to go! It isn't thick or cakey and does exactly what it should do -- prep my skin for foundation should I choose to apply it.

5. Foundation

I've been using Rimmel for the past year and a half or so. I liked the blend, the coverage, and that it was just about perfect for my skin tone. The cons are it was pretty thick and it liked to rub off on things -- phone screens, shirt collars, etc. I switched to a powder foundation at my mom's recommendation, Bare Essentials, but it didn't do well by my ever-peeling nose. Again, I heard about CC Cream from the above video. I selected Almay Smart Shade CC Cream with SPF 35 in Light 100.

To apply, I put a little on my fingertip and then dab it on my face, focusing on my chin and cheekbones for a little extra coverage in those areas. I then just use my fingers to gently rub it in, just like you would a sunscreen. Applying this on top of the primer means it just glides across my skin, leaving my face feeling dewy without feeling or looking oily. It does seem to take a little bit of time to set if I don't use a setting spray, but that really is my only minor complaint.

My makeup routine does also include eye shadow, blush, eyeliner, and mascara. And about once a week I do a more intensive "deep clean" using an exfoliant, a mask, and pore strips. But this is pretty much it for normal everyday skincare!

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  1. Great post! I have been wanting to try the Estée Lauder Night Repair for a while as I've heard such great things about it! And I love the Olay moisturizer for day to day! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading! I would definitely give the Estée Lauder Night Repair a try -- especially if you can get the sample size to start out with.

  2. I love Almay Smart Shades. I'm not generally a huge make-up wearer, but have started trying to put in a bit more effort (although I'm still lazy . . . it's hard to be motivated to look pretty when you have to be at work at 5 am). Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh my gosh 5 am! I would struggle to do the little bit of makeup I do put on if I had to be at the office that early too!