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I love getting packages. When I get a note from our leasing office that I have a package I have to fight the urge to rush home and pick it up. At the end of August I was expecting my Glam Bag from Zena Salon & Boutique and I had no idea what might be inside - which made it just like Christmas morning when I was notified it had been delivered.

wearing Zena Salon & Boutique

First Impressions

Look how cute this peacock feather packaging is! I hurried home after a weekend away, picked up my package -- and a handful of other mail I was less excited about -- and plopped myself down on the couch. Off came the shoes and out came the scissors!  
zena salon & boutique glam bag packagingIt was really light & kind of floppy, which is different than what I'm used to with my Ipsy packages, so I wasn't sure what to expect once I opened it. That's not to say the packaging was in any way deficient - just that I could tell there wasn't a book inside. And I think from the waxy material the actual envelope is made from that if this had been left on a front porch it would have survived potential damage from light moisture.

What's Inside

Now the fun part! In my August Glam Bag I received the following:
inside zena salon & boutique's august glam bag
  1. A sample size Qi & Jin Essence Night Cream
  2. An Alex & Ani style charm bracelet with charms
  3. A cute white & gold pencil that has already made its way to my desk at work
  4. Super cute super soft shorts with POCKETS that can be worn as pajamas or out-and-about shorts.
  5. A sweet note from Zena Salon & Boutique that tied all of the products together and made the entire package feel very custom.

See it in Action

Any photographer will tell you NATURAL LIGHT. Well, my brother-in-law helped me out with some photography for this post one evening in the River Market so there's a bit of a different mood coming up than my usual posts.  But different can be good, right? Anyway. Ready? Okay.

This may actually be the first post that has pictures of what I see every day walking out my front door. This is my neighborhood y'all!

I have to start with the shorts. Just look at them! The pattern is bright and summery. The coral color just happened to match my current toenail polish, I already had this shirt from Kohl's, and you can't see my $8 Academy sandals but yep, they match too.

Next, the Night Cream. Oh my gosh it smells amazing, reminding me of gardenias and somehow of my Grandma's makeup counter in her bathroom. Nothing "old ladyish" about it, but somehow familiar. Very floral, which I always prefer to fruity scents. And, as someone that suffers from dry skin (which you know if you've read My Beauty Routine), I can say it does hydrate my skin. I woke up the next morning with soft smooth skin and my nose wasn't peeling so that's a win for me!

The bracelet had three charms and following Zena's Glam Bags will continue to expand that charm collection. I liked the included note particularly in regards to the charms and the meaning behind each. The flip-flop for pretty hands and feet (the theme from month #2's bag), the bee because I'm a Queen Bee, and the compass to remind me to stay on track! The bracelet may have even made an appearance at my photoshoot with eGolden Moments last week. 

Honest Review

Do I love it. Yes. 

Let me break it down for you a little further.

PRICING: $12 = absolutely worth it! Just these shorts I would spend far more than $12 on and they're delivered? Sign me up!

DELIVERY: This was my first bag so I don't know that it was "on time" or "on schedule" but I didn't feel that I had to wait long for it and it was more than worth the wait.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: I had some back and forth with Zena over Facebook about the Glam Bag - because their physical location is actually in Lexington, South Carolina - and she was super friendly & courteous and I was even notified when the package was shipped. Actual quotes from our Facebook Messenger conversation after I opened my package: "Those shorts are the cutest and so soft AND have pockets?! Oh my gosh yes!!" Which is a super informal way to talk with someone you've never actually met but that goes to show how comfortable I felt with the whole interaction.

Do you want to give it a try? I recommend it! Check out the website here.

Zena Salon & Boutique Glam Bag

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    1. Thank you! A great product makes it easy to write a great review!

  2. You have me at the peacock packaging! This service has a completely different vibe then others I am used to and I love it! I would die if I opened up and saw those shorts!