KCFW: Day 2 - Yoro

by - December 12, 2017

Yoro Creations jewelry flatlay for Morgan
Hands down my FAVORITE runway experience! It's amazing how the people that are behind the scenes of such an event can make a huge impact on the overall experience.

First, Yolanda Newson of Yoro Creations (Facebook) is an amazing jewelry designer & stylist. She exudes light and respect, wanted each of her models to feel comfortable and confident as we presented her visions, and was such a joy to be around during a moment that was both exciting and stressful for her. It was an honor to walk for her on the KCFW runway.
model Morgan Pashen in hair and makeup backstage at KCFW

Secondly, the hair and makeup team from Bellus Academy Kansas did a great job taking Yoro's vision from paper to our faces. Shoutout to Mikayla Sagstetter (instagram) for working through the "in the sun, out of the sun, in the sun, out of the sun" we endured as she attempted to tone match foundation to my always pale face and making me look like a freakin' space queen on the runway.

clothing by Barbara Bultman to style w/ Yoro CreationsAnd lastly, the models themselves. I have never before walked with such a talented, professional, and friendly group of models. Ciara Barton and Dieynaba Diop (Facebook) provided some friendly last-minute coaching that calmed everyone's nerves. Grey Erin Renee (Instagram) kept us entertained & on our toes. Heather Reimann Slusher (Facebook) came with an entire tote of artsy activities to keep herself and others from falling prey to boredom. All of us came in with different levels of experience and expectations of runways & backstage, and yet we spent more time talking to each other and hanging out than we did on our phones - which was SO refreshing!

(And I have to plug this here: Ciara Barton has started her own business coaching runway models and I am thrilled for her! I also plan to register for one of her upcoming clinics. If you are an aspiring model or just want to refresh your walk, here are the links you need.)

Instagram: @coachtherunway

Morgan Pashen runway model on the runway wearing YORO & Barbara Bultman

And just a few more photos to wrap up this post!

runway model Morgan Pashen on the red carpetYoro Creations models on the KCFW runway at Union Station

KCFW 2017 runway schedule

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  1. The dresses and fabrics look amazing! Seems like it was so much fun!