My Life These Days

by - December 04, 2017

It's the beginning of December, which means IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! December also happens to be a very busy month for B and I.

Our anniversary is on the 6th, we're moving on the 8th, we have two Christmas parties just this weekend to attend, a variety of church & work & volunteer events in the following weeks, and we're leaving for Texas on the 21st to spend the end of the month with our families in the Lone Star State. This will be our third Christmas together and we still haven't ever decorated for the holiday!

Not that I can really complain about having too much to do this month. We are blessed to have jobs we enjoy, friends we consider family, and the means to travel where and when we want to.

So to add something to my December to-do list I have decided to participate in Blogmas! And, true to form, I'm already 4 days behind.... Stay tuned for my first Blogmas post: White Elephant Party.

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