Where to Find Kansas City’s Coolest Wall Art

The cold didn't keep us inside this weekend! Between a family dinner with one of our New York cousins and a church service that took too long to leave because we couldn't stop talking about all the craziness that is this week it feels like we barely saw the inside of our apartment. Because we were avoiding cabin fever, we took a drive through downtown Kansas City to 4 well-known murals all of which would be easy to get to from Main Street using the KC Streetcar.

We did these in a loop, starting and ending in the River Market. But the order doesn't matter!

Stop 1. 1720 Main St

Get ready for a hike up five flights of stairs and a lot of wind when you reach the top! This mural on top of the Barkley parking garage gets plenty of foot traffic (B and I had to wait for a pair of girls to finish up their photoshoot before I could take a few photos). Park on the street and then walk through the garage.

Stop 2. 3945 Main St

Nestled safely next to a parking lot, this Luv Midtown mural was easy to get to, park, and jump out for a few quick shots. Look for the Blind Tiger Bar (now closed) and you're nearly there!

Stop 3. Union Hill

This one took some searching, but if you look for Cafe Europa, you'll find this right around the corner. Again, parking was pretty easy around this bit of green space and we even took a drive through the historic Union Cemetary a few blocks away.

Stop 4. 1919 Baltimore

This famous KC mural once said "I'm so in Love" beneath the Kansas City and was the spot for newly married or engaged couples to snap some photos. It was, however, painted over last August by the original artist when the amount of traffic it received was deemed dangerous to pedestrians and drivers alike. You can read that news story here.

BONUS! If you're feeling adventurous, seek out 2616 Guinotte Ave in the East Bottoms. You'll also find the Local Pig and Urban Provisions in very close proximity.

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