Emerald & Copper Bridal Shower

Jess and I have undertaken the task of planning Shannon's last bridal shower before her wedding. It's two weekends before the big day, so we wanted to make sure it would be stress-free and relaxing for the bride while also being convenient for our friends from church to celebrate her (the rest of her bridal & wedding showers having taken place in Alabama).

Where to begin? 

Seek inspiration. First, with the bride's own inspiration board. It's important to take into account the bride's own taste in decorations while keeping it easy and budget-friendly for amateurs event planners like myself to pull together.

Pinterest is the search engine for all things beautiful. If you don't already follow me on Pinterest, you can do that here. To see my specific "Showering Shannon board" where I saved decoration ideas, party games,  and appetizer recipes, click here.

Settle on a budget and stick to it. We knew from the registries and our own experiences with the bride that she has expensive taste but can thrift and craft like no other. Challenge accepted! Because of our budget, we knew we would be making food ourselves, DIYing a few decor pieces with elements purchased from craft stores, and shopping smart at Amazon.com, Oriental Trading, & Dollar Tree.


I cheated and did a Facebook event. Sure, I started purchasing the decorations last November, but I didn't actually make reservations until the end of March. Maybe there was plenty of time to design and print and mail invitations before the last weekend in April, but there wasn't plenty of budget or my brain capacity any longer.

I designed this cover photo for the Facebook event with the same typefaces & color scheme as the official wedding invitations. If you want to make your own, the optimal cover photo size is 1920px x 1080px.

Shopping List

Most of my items I purchased from Oriental Trading. My mom suggested the website & sent me a referral link that got me $10 off my first order, so I figured I should do the same. You can click here to start your own shopping trip, and if you spend more than $49 you'll receive the $10 discount (and I'll get a $10 discount on my next online shopping spree). Everybody wins!

You'll notice that we had to do some metal mixing between rose gold, gold, and copper.

Some - but not all - of the products pictured below contain affiliate links. There is no cost to you to click them, but if you do I may earn a small percentage.


Craft Projects & Game Prep

1. Cutting wine bottles into votive candle holders (FAIL!)
2. Spray painting wine bottles to use as vases (SUCCESS!)
3. Photo slideshow of the happy couple
4. 20 questions we asked him before we asked her to see who has the best memory! We forgot the bubble gum for this game so she had to chew a stick of spearmint for every question she missed.
5. A pair of handmade tassel earrings this time with green instead of blue, as a prize for one of the games.
6. Custom Snapchat geofilter targeted around our venue

Day-Of Treats

1. Cake Mix Puppy Chow
2. Lemon Bars from Mom's secret recipe
3. Oreo Balls - recipe here
4. Bridal Shower Sparkling Punch - recipe here (though I added extra lemon juice
5. Mix Your Own Mimosa Bar


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  1. Oh my gosh, I love this color scheme! I used to use Oriental Trading for my childhood birthday parties . . . it seems like they're really stepped up their game as the stuff you bought is so nice!

  2. Very inspiring. Love the trousers.