The Stuff Dream Homes are Made Of: Target's New Opalhouse Collection

Have y'all seen the new Opalhouse collection at Target? OH MY GOSH! It is everything I would put into my dream home and at Target prices! I am in love! If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll recognize some decor themes; it's like Target was reading my mind!

Thank you Addison's Wonderland for sharing your favorites because it has led me down a rabbit hole that even my thrift-shopping wallet can enjoy. I'm sharing some of my favorites room by room below, so feast your eyes! (These are affiliate links so everytime you click to shop I earn a small referral fee. This comes at no cost to you.) Of course, if you head over to you can see the entire collection unfiltered - which I recommend. If you just want to shop the top photo, click here.

Opalhouse Bedroom

Opalhouse Bath

Opalhouse Dining

Having visited Target since writing this blog, I do have to add a few things!

  1.  Yes, everything looks beautiful and trendy, but...
  2.  Some of it feels so cheap!
  3.  Which leads me to suggest that some of these items (particularly the kitchen goods) would be great for a dorm or first apartment, but maybe won't have long-term durability.
I suggest sticking with the accent pieces - picture frames, candleholders, wine stoppers, and soap dishes - and the textiles - shower curtains and towels, bath mats, and pillows and blankets. A few items have 100% remained on my shopping list after checking them all out in person: the Scallop Stitch Shower Curtain, the Perfectly Soft Embossed Bath Towels, the Tasseled Diamond Woven Bath Rug, and the Mango Wood Painted Peacock Tray (though I'll likely use this as wall art intead of an actual tray.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Target does it again! Love that blue chair!!

  2. I love all of the colors that Opal House has in their products. They are literally the colors I’m incorporating into my living room. I’ll have to check out the product in person as well because like you mentioned, they may be cheaper quality. That’s the only bag thing about buying things at lower costs, they tend to not be of quality. Thank you for sharing!

  3. i saw it yesterday and was impressed! some does feel a little cheap but great for a home refresh or decorating on a budget. loved some of the color combos!

  4. YES, I've been drooling over these new arrivals, but haven't had a chance to check them out in person yet. Good to know that the textiles seem to be good quality, as that's what I've been most interested in. Thanks!

  5. Target really does such a great job with their collabs! But I agree, I think it's important not just to buy up everything, some of it can be a little cheap.