Shopping for A Beer Lovers' Baby Shower

by - May 07, 2018

B and I are excited for his cousin's upcoming beer-themed Baby shower (even though babies are still a bit of a sore spot for us right now)! She's been married for almost as long as B can remember her (there's a bit of an age gap) and this baby was one amazing Christmas surprise.  She and her husband have been our brewery and beer tour buddies since Day 1 of moving to KC, and even their baby shower is beer-themed - "A Baby is Brewing!" It was too easy to pick some awesome gifts for the beer-loving parents that are still baby friendly.

Here are our favorite picks for baby and parents, including beer t-shirts, beer baby bottles, classic children's books with a slight twist, and a few items that are just plain useful for new parents and baby alike!

Disclaimer: Affiliate links below.

What did I miss? Leave your baby shower recommendations below!

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  1. This is great, need to remember this for the next invitation I receive

  2. These are just amazing! Loved it