KCFW F/W '18 - Saturday Night

The Grand Hall downtown Kansas City for KC fashion week

This past Kansas City Fashion Week - yes, the one back in March that I never wrote a post about - I had the privelege of walking for one of our sponsors, Dillards at Oak Park Mall, on Saturday Night at the Grand Hall at Power & Light. Union Station, where Fashion Week is held in the fall, is much larger venu but there's something about the European-style runway and the details of the Grand Hall that makes it my favorite venue for KCFW.

Morgan Pashen wearing Michael Kors on the runway
Michael Kors runway model Morgan Pashen / Morgan ma Belle
Photos by Tou Yang
Because it was Easter Weekend, a local church made Easter baskets for all of the models with snacks and games to keep us busy backstage while we waited for hair & makeup. You can see how exciting backstage can get :P It's really a lot of hurry up and wait most of the time, so I always go prepared for the wait.

What's always in my bag:

  • book to read
  • logic puzzles
  • phone charger
  • headphones
  • a blanket
  • a toothbrush and toothpaste
  • snacks (and sometimes B will bring me lunch or dinner)
  • my own water bottle, though there's almost always water available
  • slippers or flip-flops; I love my Mahabis because they can be worn inside or outside if you add the sole. I have the light grey + yellow and get asked backstage at every show about them. You can get your own pair from Nordstrom here.
  • extra shoes for the runway - sometimes a model you're walking with will need another pair or your designer may want to see some options
Our stylists for this show were Randall Schneck and Amy James. H/MUA was Paul Mitchell OP

fashion week backstage with Morgan Pashen / Morgan ma Belle   

Some of the pretty ladies in the photo above are Jazlynne, Andrea, AlainaAlyssa

I've purchased my absolute favorite photos from the many talented photographers that were there to document the evening, but I thought it was worth sharing some of the other shots that I had to choose from. The decision was hard!

This first photo captures some of the anticipation before taking the runway. We stand behind the curtain as coordinators check the bottom of our shoes for stickers, seams for threads, hair for flyaways, and wrists for hair ties. Sarah peeks through the curtain to make sure the timing and spacing is perfect before sending us on. We take a deep breath, relax our hands, check our posture, steady our facial expression, and then we walk.

Morgan Pashen taking the runway for Kansas City Fashion Week
Photo by Simon Kuo Westside Studio
Oak Park Mall runway show during Kansas City Fashion Week 2018
Photo by Hananiah Aldrich

Photos captured by model Heather Slusher in the audience

Photo by Dani Michael 

KCFW models for Oak Park Mall
Finale. Photo by Ryan Swartzlander.
We'll be backstage for 6-7 hours before we take the runway for two minutes. Is it worth it? 

Megan Draper lookalike fashion model Morgan Pashen

100% yes.

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