Conquering The Instagram Struggle | Planning My Insta Feed with Preppr.

by - August 30, 2018

It's kinda crazy how much emphasis we place on our social media presence. Bloggers, models, public figures, entrepreneurs, everyone puts so much pressure on ourselves to have that ideal feed, the one that shows off all of the cool places we've traveled to, the photo-worthy food we've eaten, and the perfect "candid" that you know was posed. It can get ridiculous!

So even as I share one of my favorite tools for managing my Instagram schedule, please keep in mind that being real is so much easier, authentic, and engaging than curating the perfect scroll-stopping Instagram feed.

I've been taking a social media hiatus for the past week or so (and a blogging hiatus for even longer) as B and I savored our time together with our families before he heads back to Texas for the next month. So if you're checking out my Instagram feed for best-practices, please don't 😅. I may be an award-winning digital marketer, but it's kind of like the cobbler's kids scenario....

So what's so great about Preppr that I actually took the time to film a video (my FIRST YouTube video on my all-new channel!) and write a blog post? Let me tell you!

  • I can visually plan my Instagram feed by dragging, dropping, and rearranging my images so that I know exactly how it will look when I hit 'post.'
  • Filterable media storage helps me keep track of which photos and videos I've already used and which haven't yet graced my feed.
  • Queue view or calendar view of the scheduled posts - whichever works for me! I favor the calendar view.
  • Save posts as drafts if I've written the perfect caption but I'm not sure where it fits yet.
  • At the Duo level and higher, I can manage multiple accounts with my single login. This is great for managing my two personal accounts, and I could up to the next level if I also want to handle client accounts.
  • I can get a notification reminder that it's time to post a scheduled gram or I can let Preppr post automatically to my account for me.
Do yourself a favor and take advantage of the FREE 10-Day Trial (Trust me, you won't regret it! And no, that's not an affiliate link). Ready to learn more? My video below will walk you through how I use Preppr to plan my Instagram feed, write my captions, select my hashtags, and schedule my posts. You're welcome!

Other tools I use & recommend for Instagram

Preview App - Preppr is only available for desktop and iPhone. So I'll have to stick with my Android-friendly Preview app to do feed planning without my laptop. free with paid options
Grids App for Desktop - Interact with your feed and followers all from your desktop. This is one of my favorite tools EVER. paid
Unfold Stories - The most beautiful app for creating stunning stories. Shoutout to Mr. Dan Doelling for turning me on to it! Make stories for yourself, or share them with the world on Instagram stories. Check out Dan's stunning storiesfree with paid options

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