4 Travel Must-Haves | My Carry-On Essentials

The first half of 2018 hasn't been very travel-heavy for us -- which has been refreshing! I've been able to focus on decorating our apartment, working on business plans & budgets with B, and start recording what I enjoyed or disliked about our previous trips as I started our new joint Instagram account - @thepashenpassport.

1. Phone charger

So this one is a bit of a no-brainer, but I figured it's a must on the list! Both our phones take the same charger, and since they are our main (only) camera, having them nice and charged up while we travel is muy importante. An external battery may be worth looking into as well.

2. Make-up Bag

I never want to risk my make up getting lost or damaged because it would be such a pain and expense to replace items when we land, so I keep my every-day make up essentials with me in my personal bag. This includes my Bio Oil, Purlisse foundation & Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette, toothbrush + toothpaste, extra hair ties & hairpins, and the all-important eye drops because contacts are so dang temperamental. I favor a clear cosmetic bag when I'm traveling just in case security wants to take a look at what's inside & it's easy for me to find what I want quickly, but my everyday bag is either my Jon Hart bag or my Estee Lauder cosmetic bag. Keep it small and minimal so it fits into your purse or carry on!

3.  Book

I have a few favorites that often make it on my travels. The Witch of Blackbird Pond is a small paperback that has made it on my airplanes & road trips with me. As familiar as an old friend and such a convenient size! My other go-to is a book of logic puzzles or sudoku puzzles. Gives me something to concentrate on and I feel like that extra bit of brain exercise can't hurt.

4. Cozy Sweater

I cannot stand being cold. My mom told me the horror story that was her 5-hour honeymoon flight to Hawaii from San Francisco and I vowed to never put myself through that. Hence, the ever-present cozy cardi.

What’s something you always pack in your carry on?

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