Runway Ready: Preparing for KCFW

by - September 26, 2018

It's one of my favorite weeks again - and it only happens twice a year -- Kansas City Fashion Week!

This season, I'm walking for Mikayla Tjeerdsma wearing her Kalon by Kayla collection. I've already seen the pieces and have had my initial fitting and let me tell you this collection is stunning. The colors, the textures, the fabrics, ALL OF IT! You'll have to wait for after the show for photos from the runway, but what I can share right now is how I prep for the KCFW runway.
Meet the Designer: Kalon by Kayla! Mikayla Tjeerdsma learned to sew at age 9, while being mentored by both a local...
Posted by Kansas City Fashion Week, LLC on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

These are the two "duhs" of the health world: are you drinking enough water? and are you getting enough sleep? But these two are so important for both your physical and mental wellbeing. And there are so many additional cosmetic benefits, like clearer skin and better breath.

Months Before:
  • Yes, you've made the roster but now is not the time to get complacent! Keep to a regular workout schedule that keeps your motivated and fit. I like my barre class, barbell class, and yoga class at the local gym to make sure I'm focusing on both strength and length in my workouts.
  • Practice, practice, practice! You've already developed your walk, but can it be improved? Have your friend video your walk so that you can critique yourself.
  • Look into coaching or lessons with some KC runway pros, like Ciara's Coach the Runway or The Model Board's Fashion Show 101 workshop. There are so many amazing local resources in Kansas City; take advantage of them! 

Weeks Before:
  • Break in your shoes. If you're bringing your own shoes for the runway, make sure they're a pair you know you can strut your stuff in without worrying about painful blisters or wobbly ankles. It's always good to have two good pairs of strappy nude heels and strappy black heels - keep them both in your model bag!
  • Hair health. Do you need a slight trim? A conditioning mask? Invest in yourself and take the time to get used to your new 'do - but don't stray too far from what your designer saw when they booked you!
  • How are you feeling in the gym? If you've kept to your routine and are happy with your overall fitness, are there specific areas you'd like to focus on? For me, my upper arms and posture are super important to have as close to "perfect" as I can get them because that's what I'll see in my photos after the shows, so I'll do more upper back and shoulder work to really hone in on those areas.
  • Whiten that smile!

Days Before:
  • Hair removal! If you wax, take care of that at least two days before the show to give time for any redness or bumps to go away.
  • Get those zzzzz's. Sleep is so important! You'll feel better and look better if you keep your stress level low and your eyelids closed.
  • Plan your day. Do you know how long it will take for you to get to the venue? Are you driving, ubering, or having a friend chauffer you? Plan it in advance!

Day Before:
  • Nails. Your designer will specify natural nails, manicured nails, or a specific color (which they will likely supply themselves the day-of). Keep your nails trimmed and your cuticles neat.
  • Wash your hair. Day 2 hair is best for styling & your stylist will thank you for it!
  • If you already have a go-to moisturizing mask, pile that on and put in a movie! Glowy skin will make your MUA artist happier with your skin and you happier with your photos from the runway. That extra bit of confidence will translate to your walk.
  • Today is not the day to try a new skincare product or hair styling tool! Stick with what you and your skin already know.
  • Pack your model bag! You can read my must-haves for back-stage in this post.

Top Photo: Tou Yang,
Bottom Photo: Hananiah Aldrich,

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