2018. What. A. Year.

by - December 31, 2018

God is good, regardless of your circumstance.

He is good in the victory.
He is good in the heartbreak.
He is good in the trials.
He is good in the dark times.
And He is good in the breakthroughs.

I didn't want to write the typical end of year round-up because this hasn't been a typical year. Together, B and I have walked through the highest highs and the lowest lows either of had ever experienced.

2018 began with the biggest surprise of all, one that happened much sooner than we thought it would and quite a bit before we thought we were ready -- but when are you ever really ready to become parents? But before we began preparing and training and studying and sharing, we were taken breathless by unimaginable heartbreak. I, who had never dated in high school and married my college sweetheart, was ill-equipped to handle heartbreak.

We learned to love each other through the pain and grief of miscarriage, and our relationship with each other and Christ grew and strengthened. Boy or girl we never knew, but our Baby P was loved. It didn't matter that Baby P lived only 10 weeks and had never been held or snuggled or kissed; Baby P was our first. And the first thing that she saw (yes, I think our baby was a she) on March 2, 2018, where maybe she was greeted by aunts and uncles and held by my great-grandmother, was the face of Jesus.

And though my miscarriage was the BIGGEST event in 2018 for us, it wasn't by far the only one and with the support of our family, it wasn't an all-consuming one! Like I said, 2018 held a lot of highs for us, too.
  • We're well on our way to the financial independence we've been working toward since we married (take that, student loans!).
  • I let real true friendships develop and deepen in a way that I've shied away from since college.
  • Two of our best friends got married and had one fabulous party to celebrate #branandshangetweddingbands
  • I walked in 5 runway shows in Kansas City, (with 2 more already booked for 2019 in KC and Austin)
  • I really focused on developing this blog and my portfolio by taking the time to treat it like a business (take a look at those new Facebook reviews!).
  • We've moved back to Texas and I type this post from our cozy apartment in west Austin where we're only an hour or so away from our closest family.
  • Our church, friend circle, and family grew with the healthy births of 4 beautiful babies πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ, 1 wedding πŸ‘°πŸ», and 1 engagement πŸ’.
So here I am closing out the year with an angel watching over us, blessings surrounding us, and maybe - just maybe - a new (furry) family member joining us soon.

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