Here's Harvey! Our Newest Furry Family Member

by - April 30, 2019

I can't believe I never clicked "publish" on this post! Harvey has been my shadow & constant companion since his Gotcha Day on January 4th from Bastrop County Animal Control. So much so, that I took it as a given that my friends and family knew of his existence because how could they not?!

My 1-year-old fur Australian Cattle Dog mix came into our home with a gash on his forehead, a bulky plastic cone, not knowing how to play, didn't know that a tennis ball was a toy, and minus a few good manners. But he is full of the sweetest spirit and a before-unseen desire to cuddle. Because he's not allowed on the bed, couch cuddles have become an important part of our morning routine. 

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His first adventures in the Pashen household involved a hike up the Pennybacker Overlook, Mt. Bonnell, and a trip to a must-visit dog-friendly brewery in New Braunfels, Guadalupe Brewing Company.


On days he isn't out exploring Austin with us or making the long drive to visit family in San Antonio or Houston, he's content to shadow me around the apartment and keep my feet company under my desk while I work -- when he isn't trying to climb into my lap.

As he's learned new tricks -- like sit pretty, play dead, and roll over -- he's also gotten better at posing for photos. He even let me put together a Valentine's Day shoot and dress him up as "Harvey Potter!" Just look at those ears!


You can follow along with all of Harvey's adventures on his own Instagram account @thatheelerharvey and on his blog (still in progress) What's Up, Cuddle Pup?

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