MATRIX Fashion Show (Live on the Longhorn Network!)

The runway show photos just keep coming! Something new with this show -- I got to keep the Kendra Scott earrings I wore on the runway!

I was so honored that junior designer Thuan Nguyen trusted me to showcase his vision in the Kendra Scott Design Challenge for UT Fashion's MATRIX runway show. You can read my interview with him in this post to get to know the why behind this amazing garment.

During one of the panels before the fashion show we were able to capture a few studio photos. To see some captures and a video from the runway, keep scrolling!

One of the challenges of a day-to-night look is keeping the design both professional and subtle while giving it a sexier edge. Thuan accomplished this brilliantly with the monochromatic detailing (like the grommets and belt) & basic suit fabric while still giving it a fun twist with the off-the-shoulder sleeves.

During a pre-show exhibit, judges -- consisting of Kendra Scott employees, UT Textiles & Apparel professors, and a number of other VIPs -- selected the top 14 designs that would compete on the runway to win the Kendra Scott Design Challenge. I've said from my first fitting that my designer's garment would make it to the Top 10 (which is what we initially thought it would be) and I was happy to be proven right!

One of the coolest features of this garment -- which you can't see in the photos but you will see in the video at the end of this post -- is that the sleeves are detachable!! The challenge was to create a day-to-night look that incorporated Kendra Scott jewelry and I think adding that bit of flexibility with the sleeves was a creative way to meet the rubric.
Photo by Ralph Arvesen
And here's the video of my runway walk on live TV!

Designer: Thuan Nguyen

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