Bridesmaid Tips from a Married Girl

Now submitting my application for bridesmaid of the year! 26 years old and I still haven't been a bridesmaid, but I got in some good practice at my last styled shoot in downtown Austin. Here are 5 Things You Should Do if You're a Bridesmaid - and 1 You Shouldn't!

1. You're responsible for the dress

Buttoning it, pinning it, keeping it from trailing, fluffing it for the photographer, holding it while your bestie pees -- that's all you.

2. Make sure your girl is having fun

Keep her laughing and smiling even if the wind blows decorations off the table or her bouquet starts wilting.


3. Until she says she wants to be alone, you are by her side.

Yes, she's excited to marry the love of her life, but there's a lot of other emotions going on behind that perfectly made-up face. Last-minute details she stayed up late worrying about, random requests for food, drinks, gum, deodorant, straws. Let's be real, she probably can't even get her shoes on without help! Don't make her ask twice or wonder where you are.

4. Your job isn't complete when she says "I do."

There's still plenty of time throughout the day for something to happen that she'll need her best girl to take care of for her.


5. Get your girl some food (and drinks 🍸)!

Be warned - you may have to feed her to keep the dress in perfect condition. 


6. Don't upstage the bride.

But make the most out of every opportunity for fun photos of the day. If this was a true wedding and not a styled shoot, you can bet I wouldn't have taken these photos!


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