Happy Fallidays! No Fuss Fall Decorations You Can Reuse Again and Again

lotus napkin fold for fall table decor

Halloween and Thanksgiving have been dubbed the "fallidays" by my holiday-loving husband. He loves seeing our apartment decked out and decorated for every holiday-- yes, every holiday -- and I'm glad he leaves that decorating for me.

I had an early go of it this year when we had out-of-town guests come to sight-see in Austin for the day at the beginning of October, so I hastily put together a no-fuss fall table setting and whipped up some easy hors 'oeuvres that would delight any palate.

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite home decor pieces from my favorite few budget-friendly decor stores and an easy napkin fold you can use to impress your Thanksgiving dinner guests! Between the two, I get most of my decor and materials for a lot of my DIY projects, like this DIY Blanket Ladder and this Apartment-friendly Curtain Rod.

Disclaimer:  Links in this post may be affiliate links. This means I make a little something to keep doing what I'm doing at no cost to you (y'know, unless you purchase something)!

Feeling a little crafty (but don't want to make a mess)? 

This napkin fold is for you! Scroll down for the video or follow along with this handy how-to graphic I've made.

how to fold your napkin in a lotus fold

It Gets Even Easier

Meaning you don't have to make these yourself :) 

  1. Atmosphere starts outside, so get a wreath on that door! Of course, if you do want to make your own wreath, I'll be sharing a post with an easy how-to on that soon!
  2.  Dress up the table!
    The table is where all the goodies go to be eaten and enjoyed during the fallidays. But when the plates are empty, the table shouldn't look bare. Because we have an antique wooden table, I've invested in a variety of pretty and useful placemats, plate chargers, and coasters that keep the wood dining table safe and pretty to look at.
    Pick centerpieces that your guests won't have to crane their necks to see over or around and add a few candles here and there for some ambient lighting.
  3. Don't forget the couch!
    When the food is gone, it's time to cozy up for a Christmas movie and a nap! You can never have too many cushy throw pillows or snuggly throw blankets. If you want to stay away from "themed" decor so that you can use them more frequenty, choose from colors and patterns that complement each other and don't have to stick with a specific pumpkin motif.

Need a cute way to display your throw blankets when they aren't in-use? Check out this DIY Blanket Ladder!

Et voila! Easy peasy fall decorations to last you from Halloween to Thanksgiving. If you give this easy lotus napkin fold a try let me know in the comments ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผor save it to Pinterest for later!

Fall napkin fold for Pinterest

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