Dating When You're Married - 5 Date Ideas!

What started as a simple list of ways to stay connected and have fun with each other once you've passed the dating stage is now a quarantine-friendly list of cute and romantic activities to enjoy from the safety of your own home!

  1. Create a bucket list
    Dream together without the stress of planning how you're actually going to make those dreams come true (yet!). 
  2. Learn something together using YouTube
    This could be a new recipe, a painting technique, some creative couples yoga poses, or new dance moves!
  3. Play strip poker (or strip anything!)
    Get creative! Chess, Twister, Go Fish -- plenty of options are probably on hand and ready to become way. more. interesting. than they were when you were kids.
  4. Build a blanket fort
    Or sheet fort. Or towel fort. Use whatever you've got on hand and just go with it. Then camp out with your favorite snacks and the static-y hair. Get ready for the laughs and maybe even a pillow fight.
  5. Hide notes to each other for the other to find throughout the day(s)
    B used to do this for me when he had to travel for extended periods of time for work. It was always so sweet to uncover a sweet or silly notecard tucked into a favorite book or in the DVD case of that one movie he knew I'd rewatch while he was gone.
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What are your favorite things to do with your husband/wife? Share them in the comments and let's keep each other entertained and in love while we're all #AloneTogether!

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