Best Couple Poses for A Romantic Photoshoot

Feeling nervous about posing with your S/O for an upcoming photoshoot? Don't be! My go-to poses are sure to make you feel comfortable and look natural, and your photographer will swear by them, too!

The Dance

No actual dancing required! Hold hands, swirl your skirt around, and take a few twirls.

Forehead to forehead

Nose to Temple

Most of the time, this will be his nose on your temple (because of a height difference) but any variations of this will work!


Forehead Kisses 

There's just something sweet about forehead kisses. If you want some extra romance, ask him to cradle your neck or cheek as he kisses your forehead.

The Lift 

The Dip 


The Almost Kiss (with a smile!)

Lean in close and share a smile. Surprisingly, a lot of actual kiss photos aren't that attractive! Keeping some distance, eyes open or closed, with soft smiles alludes to the forthcoming kiss without having to how it all.


And of course, The Kiss

Some extra tips!

  • Make it a combo! Lift and kiss, forehead kisses with a dip, whatever you can think of.
  • Know your best side, but don't limit yourself
  • Need help coordinating your outfits? Check out this post!

Did I miss your favorite go-to pose? Tell me what it is in the comments!

Photographer: Gricelda's Photography

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