Surprise in the City of Bridges

It was early - early for me at least - when I snuck out of bed. In the bathroom was the pregnancy test I'd hidden in my travel toothbrush holder the night before. My period was late, my BBT I'd been tracking religiously every morning was still elevated, and it was B's birthday; it seemed like the right time to take the test.

Our room he had booked in Venice was beautiful, overlooking a canal with windows that swung all the way open so you could hear the gondoliers sing as they passed underneath. It was still too early for all that.

So while Venice and B still slept, I waited for the second blue line to appear.

It did. Immediately.

I sent a glamorous Snap of the test lying on the floor to my bestie immediately, forgetting about the time difference between Italy and the midwest, hid the test, washed my face, and went back to join B in the bedroom.

But how to tell him HE'S A DADDY?!

There wasn't a golden opportunity the entire day we wandered around Venice, so ....

Introducing: B Not Yet Knowing He's a Father, a Photo Series.



At last, the opportunity to share the news presented itself: a picnic dinner with a sunset view from the Ponte dell'Accademia. I cried, he cried, it was perfect.

We're over the moon and busy preparing for baby! Quarantining until October 2020!

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