I Did It.... I Made an Instagram Reel

My first Instagram Reel!! (I've never even opened TikTok so this is uncharted territory). I'm excited to share more content this way but I'm gonna need ALLLLL the tips! Can you leave some in the comments?? My thoughts on Instagram's newest feature are below the video.

Today's DIY... curtains! And these don't require any hardware so they're perfect if you're renting or don't want anything permanent but don't want to compromise on cozy! 🏘️

You can see all the materials you'll need (less than $20! 💸) and read the super easy step by step instructions to assemble your own nail-free curtain rod on this post 👉 Apartment-Friendly Curtain Rod (For Less Than $20!) 

As someone who never even downloaded the TikTok app to watch or create, creating videos like this is entirely new and I found the process a little complicated. And I have no idea how I'm going to figure out any of those cool transitions. But here's to following my 2020 Word of the Year -- CREATE -- and trying new things!

What do y'all think of the new Reels feature? 

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