Italy-Inspired Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration

What happens in Italy stays in Italy, right? Maybe not so much... 😅

Not only did we bring back the beginnings of a sweet baby from our latest Italian "workation," but our love for Italy has also inspired our gender-neutral nursery that we're in the process of designing and preparing. 

1. Color

We want to create a cozy space with rich dark green hues that will contrast with the lighter colored furniture and accessories, like woven storage baskets and linen curtains. Green is the color of nature and health. It represents growth, nature, fertility and safety. After our years-long fertility journey to this pregnancy, that's just the color we need in this much longed for nursery.

Are you GREEN with envy over this adorable space? We've been seeing so much green in the nursery and we definitely don't hate it!  

2. Nursery Decorations

While travel themes are common and easy to find inspiration for, it was a little harder to find pieces that had that distinctly Italian flair that we love so much so we're relying on the decorative pieces instead.


String Art Sign | Hanging Storage BasketsMountain Peak Bookends

3. Plants

Bringing the outside in with house plants as a great way to bring life into a room. An olive tree is our plant of choice for our nursery! It isn't known to be toxic to pets or kids, it's very important part of Italian culture and food, and even has biblical significance as a sign of peace. Check, check, check!

Olive Trees are the new Fiddle Leaf Fig - Chris Loves Julia
What are your must-haves and considerations when planning your dream nursery? Share them below!

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