My 3 Fav Resources About Conceiving/Pregnancy

When we first started trying for a baby in 2018, we thought it was something that would just happen. You spend so long trying not to get pregnant, that surely it's easy to get pregnant when you want to, right?

Not quite. And you can read more about our fertility journey here.

When we really decided to get serious, I knew I wanted to learn all that I could about my body, why pregnancy can be difficult or easy for some, and how to increase my chances of getting and staying pregnant.

While I don't want to share all the fun medical stuff we found out that was affecting my body's ability to carry a baby, I do want to share some of my most valued resources that I discovered in the 2 years of trying to start our family naturally.

There are so many pregnancy books & apps & podcasts to choose from!  But these are the resources I refer back to again and again throughout my own first-time mom pregnancy journey and when discussing with other women. If you're asking yourself which books you should read or other resources during your pregnancy journey, start here!

  1. Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
    A must-read! Linking to Amazon here, but you can probably find a copy at your library, too.

  2. FertilityFriend
    Both a ttc (trying to conceive) app and a website with free and paid versions, you can use FertilityFriend to chart your BBT (basal body temperature), cervical mucus, ovulation, and so much more. It might seem like overkill -- especially if you're just starting to try for a baby -- but charting all the little details and changes that happened daily made me feel so much more in tune with my body and more confident when I did have to discuss with my doctor.

  3. Expecting Better by Emily Oster
    If you don't want to follow the "rules" blindly, this book is for you! The author is an economist who uses her analytical way of thinking to study hundreds of pregnancy research studies to present the data to you so that you can make your own decisions about your pregnancy.

    Do you really have to give up coffee once you're pregnant? Does morning sickness indicate a viable or nonviable pregnancy? Will one glass of wine really hurt the baby in utero? She breaks it all down for you, but leaves it up to you to make your own choices about pregnancy and childbirth.

These are some top resources for a healthy pregnancy recommended by friends and other mamas that you may want to check out:

  1. Fertility Friday podcast
  2. It Starts With the Egg by Rebecca Fett

Let me know any of your favorite books or pregnancy resources that I should read!

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